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Chan v. Chan, 2014 ONSC 666 0.4 MB

Lee v. Belperio 2012 ONSC 6389 0.3 MB

NCL v. MB, 2012 ONSC 5422(Belperio) 0.5 MB

H.P. v. W.P.1, 2011 ONCJ 159 (Poupore) 2.4 MB

Peers v. Poupore 2008 ONCJ 615 1 MB


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Roselyn Pecus

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My Services

How I can help you

-I will explain the law and your options;

-I will act swiftly to protect your rights;

-I will explain the consequences of any arrangements you may have made with your spouse and discuss with you whether they are in your best interests;

-I will represent you during negotiations with your spouse or your spouse's lawyer;

-If I have not acted as the lawyer for either spouse, I will act as your mediator;

-With your input and final decision, we will formulate the best possible plan for your children;

-I will explain to you your rights and obligations when you and your spouse are using a mediator to work out terms for a separation;

-I will draft a separation agreement, marriage contract or pre-nuptial agreement for you;

-I will ensure that you will be able to enforce the arrangements made with your spouse;

-I will prepare divorce papers for you and ensure that your divorce is finalized;

-I will represent you in court;

-I will do my best for you at all times;

Roselyn T. Pecus

"After a short discussion with Ms. Roselyn Pecus on the phone and a meeting with her in person, I acquired her as legal counsel for my family-law matter.

I was extremely confident that Ms. Pecus was more than qualified to handle a case of the magnitude as mine, understood me and most importantly that she would look out for my children's best interest during this crazy process.

Well that's exactly what Ms. Pecus did; her knowledge of family law, detail to actual facts, professionalism and advice was more than I had anticipated.

I cannot thank Ms. Pecus enough for the outstanding service she provided to me during an upside down time in life; most importantly she always kept the children's best interest at the top of her priority list."


"Dear Roselyn,
I would like to thank you and Suzanne for your professional yet personal legal approach and assistance over the last few years relating to my divorce matters.

Through a challenging life-changing experience like a divorce, it is imperative to have a lawyer who is experienced, qualified, organized, trustworthy, has integrity, strong work ethics, is compassionate yet sticks to the course keeping clients' overheads in mind, provides timely responses, who is courteous and knowledgeable. And I am relieved to have found all of these qualities in you and your firm.

I worked previously with another lawyer and was dejected with her work and am glad you were recommended to me by a friend. The reason I continue to retain you as my lawyer even though my divorce matter is now settled is that I don't want to risk you not being able to take me on as a client, should you get extremely busy and should the need arise for me to resort to your legal expertise in the future.

Thank you for your dedication and your follow up through the entire divorce settlement.


"Roselyn Pecus has represented me in Family Law matters for approximately the past four years. From the onset she has gone out of her way to make me feel like she is someone I could trust with my personal dealings.

She has been extremely helpful and has always answered my questions in a kind and professional manner. Roselyn is easy to work with and has given me the best advice she can each and every time, never imposing her thoughts on me and allowed me to make my own decisions based on fact. She has always been responsive and accessible and I would absolutely recommend her services to others.

I was impressed with Roselyn's background and credentials. She offered good advice based on her previous experiences in a clear, straightforward manner.

Throughout my divorce proceedings, Roselyn really made me feel comfortable when I felt things were falling apart. She managed to bring logical reassurance to all matters particularly in my case where the opposing party was very difficult and unreasonable. This personal level of service addressed my needs at a difficult time in my life as she is dedicated and committed to her clients.

Hopefully I will not be faced with Family Law matters in the future, but if the need arises, I will definitely contact Roselyn for help."


"I wanted to say a few words of appreciation to you and Roselyn for the very warm and patient attention you provided me with when I came asking for assistance during one of the most difficult times in my life.

I hope I will never need to come back for the same reason I did in the first place but I will always recommend your services to anyone I know who may need assistance with the matters of this kind.

Thank you very much for your support, it helped me deal with all the challenges feeling much stronger than I would have otherwise."


"You did a great job for me. Your legal knowledge and attention to detail, overall strategy and ability within the courtroom, defeating the recommendations of the clinical investigator for the Office of the Children's Lawyer and winning all motions brought against me saved me money and more importantly won me untethered access to my daughter.

Having other legal representation, be it more or less expensive would have caused emotional and financial problems for myself and my extended family."

Family Law

Your Options:

Alternatives to Litigation

(A) Mediation:

In the mediation process, one neutral third party (i.e. the mediator) meets with you and your spouse to try to help you reach solutions that will work for your family after the separation or divorce. Each party's lawyer usually does not attend mediation sessions but would provide their advice before and/or after the mediation sessions. Either party's lawyer would draft the agreement that is eventually reached by the parties with input from the other party's lawyer. The Mediator does not provide legal advice to either party.

(B) Collaborative Divorce:

Collaborative Divorce is a process of handling all divorce-related issues such as custody and access, support, property division and the dissolution of the marriage without resorting to court. In the Collaborative Process, both parties hire lawyers trained in collaborative family law and sign an agreement with them to resolve their divorce and other issues completely outside the court system. The parties and their lawyers work together in private four-way meetings to arrive at solutions that are beneficial to both parties and to their children. Sometimes other professionals such as financial planners or social workers are invited to the meetings to assist with specific issues. If the process fails then both collaborative lawyers must resign from the file and cannot take the matter to court. Therefore, both parties and both lawyers are committed to making the collaborative process work.

(C) Negotiation:

Through a combination of telephone calls, correspondence including the exchange of financial disclosure and four-way meetings, I negotiate with your spouse and his/her lawyer to arrive at terms for an agreement on each of your divorce related issues such as custody, support, property division, etc.. In this process, you are avoiding the adversarial and costly litigation process, trying to get what you want while trying to be fair and accommodate the reasonable wishes of your spouse. This process can be the most affordable and cost effective one presuming that you reach final terms for a complete separation agreement that you and your spouse sign.

Benefits of Negotiation, Mediation and the Collaborative Process:

They cost less than going through a lengthy court battle;
Because you are not bound by the court process where judges are required to implement the law, you and your spouse can be creative in arriving at solutions that work for your family.

They give you an agreement that is specifically tailored to your family's needs as you and your spouse participated in its creation;
Parties are more willing to comply with the terms of an agreement reached in mediation or the collaborative process because they have had input in reaching its terms compared to the litigation process where a judge imposes his/her answer on you.

You are able to preserve a cordial relationship with your spouse that can be maintained post-separation in your children's best interests.

Benefits of Mediation and the Collaborative Process:

They teach you skills to better communicate with your spouse post-separation;

As time passes, if you need to make changes to your agreement, you have a tried and true method of how to arrive at an agreement.

Particularly in the collaborative process, there is a genuine good faith effort by everyone in the room to consider both parties' interests, concerns, needs, values and priorities as well as those of your children and to arrive at solutions that work for everyone.

Both mediation and the collaborative process, can be therapeutic. You have an opportunity to discuss your feelings and concerns and have those concerns validated.


Most clients do not want their case to go to court as it can be costly both financially and emotionally. They would like to negotiate a settlement. We do our best to achieve this goal where it is possible. Unfortunately, it is not always possible. If it is not possible to reach a settlement with your spouse because they are very abusive, refusing to enter negotiations with us or taking positions that are completely unreasonable and unfair then it may be necessary to commence a court case. This may be a tactical decision to get your spouse to become reasonable so he/she will sign a fair and reasonable separation agreement or it may be necessary because we need a judge to impose decisions upon him/her.

Family law litigation involves filing a court application and other documents, exchanging financial disclosure and attending a series of conferences eventually reaching the trial stage. Even in the litigation context, the aim is to try to get you to a settlement without the need for a trial.
Powers of Attorney, Wills & Estates:

As part of my service, I advise you of the benefits of having powers of attorney and Wills and conducting estate planning. I prepare powers of attorney and Wills for you and offer estate planning services.

In simple terms, a power of attorney will protect your interests in the event that you are out of the country, unable to express your wishes due to illness (i.e. coma) or you do not have the mental capacity (i.e. Alzheimer's) to make decisions in your best interest. In these cases a person you have named, your attorney, will make decisions for you. There are two types of powers of attorney: one to allow your attorney to make decisions about your personal care and the other to allow your attorney to make decisions about your finances.

In the event of your death, a Will is necessary for many reasons. First, if you have minor children you may designate a guardian within your Will and provide instructions on when and how you want your children to receive their inheritance (i.e. in installments at 21, 25). A Will can avoid the higher costs and avoidable delays of dying intestate (i.e. without a will). By careful planning, you can try to pass as many parts of your estate to your loved ones outside your estate, by way of beneficiary designations or joint holdings with rights of survivorship, thereby minimizing probate fees.

Additionally, by setting out your intentions in your Will, you can avoid unnecessary squabbling between family members about who was meant to receive what. You can provide bequests for your favourite charities. You can attend to pay off debts, collect debts and prepare your estate so that your family members are left in the best financial situation possible when you are gone. Finally, when planning to draft your Will, it is a good time to plan for your funeral, burial, cremation or whatever you wish even though we do not necessarily include these instructions within the Will.
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Limited Services

If you are not sure if you need or want a lawyer, you should consult with me before making your final decision. I offer "limited scope" services (sometimes called unbundled services) and coaching, so you can pay for just consultations as you go along or pay for discrete services as needed and not retain me.

While I understand that legal services can be expensive remember that you need a lawyer if:
- you want legal advice;
- you do not understand the forms, the rules or the papers you have received from the other side;
- you have a complex case;
- you cannot afford to lose;
- you want to appeal;
- you have been charged with a criminal offense and are required to keep away from your spouse;
- you do not have time to prepare papers, make copies, learn the required steps, file papers with the court, do legal research and attend court hearings;
- you are not comfortable negotiating with your spouse or their lawyer;
- you are overly nervous speaking in public (i.e. a courtroom);
- you do not understand the legal theory of your case well enough to explain it to a judge.

Law Office Vaughan York Divorce Separation Custody
Divorce and Family Lawyer serving Vaughan, Richmond Hill, York Region and the GTA for over 20 years.

"Family matters."
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“Legal services have been deemed an essential service. Your matter is important to us and we wish to offer our services to you in these most challenging times. We will continue to serve you by telephone and e-mail or by using other on-line services such as Zoom or Skype. Let us know how we can help you.

For the time being, our physical office is closed to clients (but remains open to staff and lawyers) to comply with the various Covid-19 health notices. But documents can be provided by scanning and sending PDFs by email and we can “meet” using the telephone, e-mail and electronic mediums.

The Ontario Family Courts have suspended regular operations and only remain available to urgent matters. But as this matter continues, the Courts are proposing alternative ways to accommodate the public’s ongoing need for access to justice. Let us help you through these difficult times.

Stay positive and safe.”
Roselyn T. Pecus

My Pledge:

"I will work hard to resolve your family law matters in a compassionate, timely and professional manner while always keeping your costs and other priorities, particularly your children,in mind.

For over twenty years, I have brought my legal knowledge and know-how in the areas of marriage contracts, separation, divorce, custody and access, child support, spousal support, property division, equalization, pensions and trusts, mobility and child protection to each of my cases, to quickly reach a reasonable, realistic and fair settlement through negotiation, mediation or collaborative law. But if you are unable to reach a negotiated settlement, I am skilled and experienced in representing you in court.

The first half hour of your initial consultation is free.

Please call and arrange an appointment.

I am here to help you."

Roselyn T. Pecus
Roselyn T. Pecus
2900 Langstaff Rd. Suite 9

Vaughan, ON L4K 4R9

Tel: (905)303-1494
Fax: (905)761-6330

Roselyn Pecus received a Bachelor of Arts & Science, Honours from McMaster University in 1987, graduating summa cum laude, and her Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1990.

After articling with a Toronto civil litigation firm she was called to the Ontario Bar in 1992. Since then she has practiced primarily in family law in Toronto and York Region.

Roselyn has Mediation training and is a qualified Collaborative Family Lawyer.

She appears regularly in the Ontario Court of Justice and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice throughout the GTA and other areas of Ontario.

Roselyn enjoys her litigation practice, particularly trial advocacy, but also has extensive knowledge and experience in negotiating and preparing domestic contracts.

Roselyn has been an instructor at Seneca College in its paralegal program.

She is an advocate for children through the Office of the Children's Lawyer.

Roselyn's practice includes all areas of family law.
Suzanne Jones
Assistant/Law Clerk
Tel: 905 303-1494
Fax: 905 761-6330

Suzanne is a warm, fun-loving and hard-working individual.

Suzanne has over 30 years of experience in law having worked for family lawyers, criminal defence counsel, civil lawyers and government.

Roselyn T. Pecus
2900 Langstaff Rd. Suite 9
Vaughan, Ontario L4K 4R9

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